Morgan Freeman (Morgan Freeman) - biography, filmography and best roles (photo) (2023)

Morgan Freeman - a famous actor with a difficult destiny and interesting biography.Let's look at the main stages of his life, as well as recall famous films in which he starred.

Childhood, moving parents

Morgan was born in 1937.His hometown - Memphis.Morgan's parents worked in a clinic - dad was orderly, and my mother - a nurse.After the birth of a boy and his sister, they parted, and the children were brought up without a father.When the war began, companies located in the North, it took workers, and many African Americans from the South went there hoping to get a good idea.The father and mother of the boy (he was four years old) he went to Chicago, leaving his foster grandmother.

unsuccessful attempt to regain the happiness of parents

Mom and Dad future actor quickly found a job in a new city.Their relationship has so far been strained, and they did not venture to live together.But when my grandmother died, Morgan Freeman and his sister had settled again in the mother, who wanted to return to the once happy life.

It was a difficult 1943.Morgan's father and mother tried to move in, but they did not work every day was cursing and scandals, and they had to leave this unfortunate idea.The future actor and his sister lived in Greenwood Rodney (the city is located in the Mississippi), but sometimes again to move to Chicago.

Passion drama

little grown up, Morgan became interested in theater.In 12 years, he realized that he just loves being on stage - to participate in children's productions, playing the funny miniatures.At age 15, he became the star of the school: pretty, a prominent young man, one of the most talented dancers.Morgan Freeman, whose best films today to conquer the hearts of his fans already had the makings of a great actor.

's dream of becoming a pilot

first time in flight school guy came in 16 years.As expected, he was not accepted - not come of age.Just after graduation he was able to go to this place.He really wanted to become a test pilot, but he was allowed to study only in the mechanics of the radar.It's hard to say why it happened - because of the fact that Morgan was black or because too few children.Flying school was located in Texas, and there still many are prejudiced against blacks.In addition, Morgan Freeman, whose picture you see before you, always had a self-willed character.Later he said that he hates idiots, and the army of even more than among representatives of show business.However, Morgan still trained as a mechanic, thinking that when he comes of age, it still would be a pilot.

desire to become an artist

But later, the guy realized that his destiny lies in acting.In the 50s, Freeman moved to Los Angeles, where he had no connections, no finances, no experience, but there was only love for performances.Later he told me he did not understand then, that to become an artist is incredibly difficult.Morgan Freeman, the growth of which, by the way, is 188 cm, just visit different studios and begged him to assign any role.Very rarely, the actor manages to break at once, it takes more than one year.However, Freeman had to spend on it for decades, and he tortured his luck in several areas simultaneously: on television, in film and theater.

participation in performances

When, finally, he was accepted into the theater, he was immensely pleased.For many years he played there.Later, he moved to New York, where he was assigned to a few meager role, of course, that the payment was appropriate.Also, Morgan Freeman played in off-Broadway productions, which, of course, could not praise it.

first successes in 1966, when the actor was 29 years old, he was assigned to a small role in a production of "Under the Sun".For the first time he had to say on stage.So he was able to somehow draw attention to themselves.After that, he often received small roles in film, television and theater, in particular, he took part in the musical "Hello, Dolly."Morgan Freeman, filmography which today includes many paintings, while he could not imagine that once he will achieve such success.

«Electric Company»

In the 60s, Freeman did not disdain any work.He regularly appeared in "Electric Company" - TV program for children, however, prevailed in the studio is depressed and melancholy, the actor fell into despair and began to abuse alcohol.He wanted only one thing - to become famous in the movie.

«Harry and Son" - make or break a film

Now it is difficult to believe that such a great actor for many as twenty years could not achieve fame.But the truth is that only in 1984, when Morgan Freeman starred in the film, Paul Newman, entitled "Harry and Son", it drew attention.Justice has finally prevailed.

Nominations for "Oscar»

role in the movie Jerry Schatzberg, entitled "Street Dodger" brought the actor a real success.It is so wonderful accustomed to the role resourceful pimp that viewers were impressed to the core, and in 1987 he was nominated for "Oscar".After that, he has several times received the award.

Freeman says he always considered himself just an artist, and the other for no apparent reason, he called him a star.However, he is happy - celebrities fees more besides, their names are written in a large font.Morgan Freeman, whose filmography consists of only good movies, quite critical of myself.

Movies about maniacs

most successful picture of the actor can be considered as the tape "came a spider," which collected about $ 70 million.In this movie his character again comes into confrontation with the killer and his co-worker again becomes a cute girl Jessie Flenigan, is an employee of the Secret Service.In this role, he acted as Monica Potter.Jesse comes to replace the former partner Cross, in which the death of the hero Freeman blames himself.Together, they are looking for sadist who kidnaps children richest people the United States.The detective is making every effort to defuse the maniac.

intriguing silence

Never thought about what unites Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood and Gary Cooper?They can not say anything in a frame, but the audience will still be interested to look at them.Freeman may simply be in a static position and intrigue the viewer.Looking at it, the viewer is experiencing a storm of emotions.Surprisingly it turns out: the smaller the working actor, the more fun to watch him.Morgan Freeman, whose biography is uninteresting, captivates with his talent.

Role Model

The actor admits that became a role model for him, Anthony Hopkins, who obtained excellent as sadists.Morgan says that some of the techniques he adopts from this artist.He frequently reviewing movies with him.Morgan and Anthony took part in the historical film "Amistad," directed by Spielberg, but they almost do not overlap on the set.

against journalists

Freeman has repeatedly said he does not like to talk to journalists, because it takes precious minutes that he could while away on his farm, located in the state of Mississippi, or on a yacht in the Caribbean.However, for his fans he is willing to endure some inconvenience.He admits that he feels an indescribable happiness when someone tells him that he has turned out very well this or that role.For the sake of this he laid on the full set.

film starring Morgan Freeman

During his career, the actor had to withdraw in many films.Let's look at movies with Morgan Freeman.2013, in particular, was for him a very fruitful:

  • 2014: "Excellence";
  • 2013: "Starpertsy" "Now You See Me", "Oblivion", "Olympus Has Fallen";
  • 2012: "The Dark Knight Rises";
  • 2011: "The desire magician", "Act III", "The History of a dolphin," "Conan the Barbarian";
  • 2010: "RED";
  • 2009: "Unconquered";
  • , 2008: "The Dark Knight", "Wanted";
  • 2007: "Feast of Love", "Gone Baby Gone," "The Bucket List," "Evan Almighty";
  • 2006: The "Lucky Number Slevin", "10 Steps to Success";
  • 2005: "Edison", "An Unfinished Life", "contract", "Danny the Dog", "Batman Begins";
  • 2004: The "Million Dollar Baby," "The Big Bounce";
  • 2003: "Repentance," "Dreamcatcher," "Bruce Almighty";
  • 2002: "The Sum of All Fears," "High Crimes";
  • 2001: "And there came a Spider";
  • 2000 "Nurse Betty," "Under Suspicion";
  • 1998: "Deep Impact", "Rain";
  • 1997: "Kiss the Girls," "Amistad";
  • 1996 "Chain Reaction," "Moll Flanders";
  • 1995: The "epidemic", "Seven";
  • 1994: "The Shawshank Redemption";
  • 1992: "The Power of Unity", "Unforgiven";
  • 1990: "Bonfire of the Vanities," "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves";
  • 1989: "Glory," "Johnny Handsome," "Driving Miss Daisy," "Hold on to me";
  • 1988: "Clean and sober", "Blood Money";
  • 1987: "Street rascal", "Fight for Life";
  • 1986 "place of rest";
  • 1985: "That was then ... this is now", "Murder children in Atlanta", "Mary", "The Execution of Raymond Graham";
  • 1984: "Teachers," "Harry and Son";
  • 1981: "The death of the Prophet," "Witness," "Marva Collins Story";
  • 1980 "Brubaker";
  • 1964: "Another World."

Morgan Freeman, whose filmography is a real boon for those who appreciate quality cinema, deserves the love and appreciation of the huge number of fans.This is not surprising, because his talent is obvious and undeniable.

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