The One Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF (10-Pack) | StackSocial (2023)

MSCHF, a next-generation street art collective and the makers of THE ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR PUZZLE, brings you THE ONE MILLION DOLLAR PUZZLE. All you have to do is buy this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, complete, and get a chance to win up to $1,000,000! Everyone wins something. There are no losers. Once the puzzle is assembled, there’s a chance to win twenty-five cents, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, or one million dollars.


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How It Works

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  1. After purchasing your puzzle, you have to assemble it
  2. Once assembled, scan the puzzle with the camera on your mobile phone or tablet. If you have trouble, try moving your device farther from the puzzle. Also, make sure there aren't bright reflections on the shiny surface of the puzzle.
  3. You will be directed to a web page where you’ll enter your secret prize code (from the paper insert in your box) and learn what you’ve won, from 25 cents to 1,000,000 dollars
  4. Fill out your information and select your payout method (PayPal or Venmo)

How to Scan the Code
Once the puzzle is assembled, open your camera on your phone or tablet and point it steadily for 2-3 seconds towards the QR code. Whenever scanning is enabled, a notification will appear. If your camera has trouble detecting the QR code, try moving it farther away from the puzzle (up to several feet) until the camera picks it up. You may even need to stand above your puzzle. Also, make sure there aren't any bright reflections on the surface of your puzzle obscuring the patterns from your device. If none of this works, try going into your settings app and enabling QR code scanning.

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Complete this puzzle by 2/22/22 to scan the code, & claim your prize

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Is the million dollar puzzle by MSCHF real? ›

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle was created by MSCHF, an art collective based out of Brooklyn, New York. Rest assured this game is completely legitimate.

What are the odds of winning the Mschf puzzle? ›

You're more likely to die in a plane crash, become an astronaut, or be struck by lightning—twice. But the odds of winning the $2 million grand prize by solving MSCHF's jigsaw puzzle? Two in 600,000. That's how I justified buying two puzzles—one for me, one for my family.

Can I still scan my million dollar puzzle? ›

Yes! The puzzle should still scan if a piece is missing. Please make sure the puzzle is on…

How much money can you win with the million dollar puzzle? ›

TMZ may collect a share of sales or other compensation from links on this page. When you buy one of MSCHF's 2 Million Dollar Puzzles, you can win a prize ranging from $1 to $1,000,000. If you're looking to win some moolah, this exciting deal is just for you!

How much does the $2 million dollar puzzle cost? ›

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, $18, original price: $30

Puzzles can also be a great way to pass the time as you eagerly await warmer weather this spring. Get friends or family together for a fun and puzzling afternoon and score a cash prize.

How does MSCHF make money? ›

MSCHF makes money primarily by creating and selling limited-edition products, as well as by partnering with brands for various marketing campaigns. Of course, they also receive funding from investors, but it seems everything they do turns into gold and so many of their drops are sold out within minutes!

Has anyone won the million dollars on Deal or no deal? ›

Only 2 contestants have won $1,000,000 on Deal or No Deal, Jessica Robinson and Tomorrow Rodriguez.

What does the million dollar puzzle give you? ›

There are no losers. Once the puzzle is assembled, there's a chance to win twenty-five cents, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, or one million dollars.

Does puzzle master pay real money? ›

As you've discovered, NOBODY is paying you big money just to play games or watch videos. Feel free to play those games if you find them fun (some people do) but do not play them expecting to ever get paid.

How do you redeem a million dollar puzzle? ›

Once you complete the puzzle, scan the QR code with your phone. Enter your secret prize code (found on the paper insert in your puzzle box) and learn what you've won! CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: Fill out your information and select your payout method (digital check).

When did the million dollar puzzle come out? ›

The 500-piece puzzle comes from the Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF, who released the One Million Dollar Puzzle in 2021.

Has anyone ever won every puzzle on Wheel of Fortune? ›

(NEXSTAR) – A couple of contestants on “Wheel of Fortune” have made headlines for their astonishing gameplay in recent weeks, including the Iowa man who won $86,165 in cash and prizes and the wrestling enthusiast who solved every single puzzle (including the bonus round) to achieve a “perfect game.”

Has anyone won the million dollar game? ›

Two contestants have won $1,000,000, both of which happened during the Million Dollar Mission.

Does the $2 million dollar puzzle expire? ›

The game ends January 10, 2024.

What is the most sold puzzle in the world? ›

The Rubik's Cube, originally called the "Magic Cube" is a a 3-D mechanical twisty puzzle invented and licensed by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik in 1974.

What is the most expensive jigsaw puzzle? ›

On September 28, 2005, the most expensive jigsaw puzzle was sold at a charity auction for $27,000. The 467-piece puzzle was handmade by Rachel Page Elliott, who is known for her fine attention to detail, often cutting intricate animals and other interesting shapes into her puzzle designs.

How long does 2 million dollar puzzle take to ship? ›

It ships in just a few days, so you could get it in time as a last-minute Father's Day gift(Opens in a new tab) that you and your dad can do together. It's a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle that assembles to form a QR code.

How much does the 60000 piece puzzle cost? ›

What a Wonderful World retails for $599.99 and comes in three boxes. Each box contains 20 bagged puzzles. Shipping and handling is included in the $599.99 price, although it will cost more for express shipping. Previously, a 54,000-piece puzzle sold by Grafika was touted as the World's Largest Puzzle.

Who is the owner of MSCHF? ›

History. The group was founded in 2016 by Gabriel Whaley, who acts as its CEO.

How does MSCHF drops work? ›

The MSCHF app is designed to notify you of the latest viral products, contests, and apps that have been created by the collective. The latest products are called “drops” and the app notifies when you when they come out. That's essentially all the app does. It notifies you of the latest drops.

Who are the members of MSCHF? ›

MSCHF has 4 current employee profiles, including Founder & CEO Gabriel Whaley .
  • Gabriel Whaley Founder & CEO.
  • Andrew Deitchman Founding Advisor.
  • James Kernan Head of Footwear and Special projects.
  • Daniel Greenberg Founding team + CRO.

Has anyone ever won the $500000 on Deal or No Deal? ›

She had $1,000,000 in her game, and had a AMAZING run, despite knocking small amounts in the fourth round. She despite knocking $300K out of the game, leaving $400K and $1M. She won $500,000 (the original offer was $425,000) which she countered and the banker accepted, and she had $400K.

How many people have won a million on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? ›

Over the course of the program's history, twelve contestants answered all fifteen questions correctly and walked away with the top prize.

Do Deal or No Deal winners pay taxes? ›

If you win money or prizes on a game show, the winnings are taxable. If you win at least $600, you'll probably get a 1099-MISC tax form from the entity that awarded you the cash prize, and they'll also send a copy to the IRS. Even if you don't get a 1099, you still have to report the value of your winnings.

What is the most expensive puzzle $200 000? ›

In 2005, Perplex City launched online and was similar to "Masquerade" in that it had a mystery to solve involving a complex story leading to a real location. The winner beat out 50,000 players from 92 countries and found the buried mystery cube, earning the $200,000 prize [sources: Amrich; BBC; Krotoski].

What puzzle game pays real money? ›

Another offering by Skillz, Inc., Word Star is a puzzle game that pays real money. To win, simply compete with other players and solve the puzzles faster than your opponents.

What's the largest amount of puzzle pieces you can get? ›

With over 40,000 pieces, “Memorable Disney Moments” is confirmed by Guinness World Records as the largest commercially made puzzle in the world, both in number of pieces and overall size. Weight: approx. 44 lbs. Check out our product page!

Do any game apps actually pay real money? ›

Solitaire for Cash

Solitaire for Cash by Skillz gives Android users an opportunity to play a highly rated, free solitaire game for cash prizes. The app has 4.4 stars in the Google Play store and 4.8 for the iOS version in Apple's App Store. Play for free or pay cash to compete in tournaments for big prizes.

Is there any game to earn real money? ›

Rummy. Rummy, Rammy, or Rumi, is a popular card game in India. The rummy real cash game rules are easy to learn for beginners, making it a thrilling card game where you can earn real cash. The game is played with two standard decks of cards, including two Jokers.

Where does puzzle master ship from? ›

Because Puzzle Master is located in Saskatoon, SK, we can still ship to Western Canada (SK, AB, MB & BC) as late as Dec.

Who won the $2 billion dollar lottery? ›

California resident Edwin Castro is the sole winner of the record-breaking jackpot from November 2022. The California Lottery is maintaining it verified the rightful winner of the record-breaking $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot, after a man claimed he had the winning ticket before it was stolen from him.

What is the most famous puzzle in the world? ›

Erno Rubik is the man who invented the world's most viral puzzle- the Rubik's cube.

Has anyone won $10,000 from Wheel of Fortune? ›

Russell from Montana won $10,000 with his SPIN ID.

Do you get money for solving the puzzle on Wheel of Fortune? ›

The contestant who solves the toss-up puzzle wins $1,000 and advances to the bonus round.

When was the last million dollar winner on Wheel? ›

Male contestant still not have won or lost million dollar envelope at Wheel of Fortune since WOF 26 season begin September 2008. Alex Pimentel won BMW but he failed to first male's millionaire on February 27, 2023.

Who won $500 000 on Million Dollar Minute? ›

Million Dollar Minute ... Pierre Sutcliffe (aka Voltaire of The Models) can afford to buy a few coffee-makers with his $500,000 cash win. "When I was a little kid, I'd come home from school, watch The Monkees on TV, then grab my mother's copy of The Herald," says the 55-year-old grandfather.

Who won the most money on Million Dollar Minute? ›

Andrew Skarbek - won $1,016,000 (including safe money) after correctly answering all "Million Dollar Minute" questions on his fifth attempt on 27 March 2015. He was the only millionaire on the show.

Did anyone win the billion dollar jackpot? ›

The November Powerball jackpot set a record. The sole winner of November's record-breaking $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot was named Tuesday at a news conference in California. Edwin Castro won what is the largest-ever lottery jackpot, and he opted for the lump sum payout of $997.6 million, the California Lottery said.

How long does it take to do a 1 000 piece puzzle? ›

A 1,000-piece puzzle has a solving time range of 5 to 12 hours and an average solving time of 9 hours. This kind of time of time is our preference. It's great for leaving out on the table and chipping away at over a week or two.

How often do puzzles come with missing pieces? ›

It happens all the time; even to the most meticulous puzzlers among us! Double, triple, and maybe even quadruple check your box to verify the missing piece isn't in there. It's possible the piece could be stuck in the flap or a corner. It could have happened during production, packaging, or transport.

How many piece puzzle should I buy? ›

“I would recommend starting with a 300- or 500-piece puzzle because you can finish them in a weekend or even a single evening if you put your mind to it,” he says. Then, if that's too easy, you can graduate to the puzzles with 1,000, 2,000 or even 3,000 pieces.

Is Costco selling the worlds largest puzzle? ›

  • World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle with 60,000 Pieces.
  • Sixty 1,000-Piece Puzzles Make One Gigantic Masterpiece.
  • Dimensions: 8' Tall x 29' Long.
  • Features Images from 187 Dowdle Paintings.
  • Recommended Ages: 13+ Years.

Are puzzles good for your brain? ›

Working on a puzzle reinforces connections between brain cells, improves mental speed and is an effective way to improve short-term memory. Puzzles increase the production of dopamine, a chemical that regulates mood, memory, and concentration.

What is the hardest jigsaw puzzle ever? ›

This brilliant jigsaw puzzle is double-sided, with the same artwork on both sides, making it the ultimate challenge for even the most enthusiastic of puzzlers.
World's Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle - Dalmatians (529 Pieces)
BrandPaul Lamond Games
Jigsaw no of pieces529
Jigsaw piece sizeStandard
Jigsaw pieces range501 - 999
Jigsaw puzzles1
2 more rows
Feb 27, 2023

How much can you win in 2 million dollar puzzle? ›

Winnings are between $1 and $1,000,000. Once you complete the puzzle, scan the QR code with your phone.

Is Maze Puzzle Master real or fake? ›

Is Maze Puzzle Master Legit? Does it Pay? No, it doesn't! Maze Puzzle Master makes players believe they can withdraw real money, but the cash prizes you see on the screen are fake.

Has anyone won 250k on Deal or No Deal? ›

A woman who won £250k on Deal or No Deal has told how she had to keep her prize money a secret for seven months - while waiting for her episode to air. Tegen Roberts, 32, initially applied to the game show after being a fan for years.

What is the average winnings on Deal or No Deal? ›

At the start of a standard game of the U.S. version of Deal or No Deal, the expected value of the game is $131,477.54, the average of the 26 cases. However, only 6 of the 26 cases have values greater than the expected value, and the median value of the 26 cases is only $875.

What is the largest puzzle sold? ›

At 60,000 pieces, What a Wonderful World is the world's largest puzzle and features the art of Dowdle.

What was the most expensive puzzle sold? ›

Most expensive jigsaw puzzle sold at auction

On September 28, 2005, the most expensive jigsaw puzzle was sold at a charity auction for $27,000.

How long does it take to do a 1 000-piece puzzle? ›

A 1,000-piece puzzle has a solving time range of 5 to 12 hours and an average solving time of 9 hours. This kind of time of time is our preference. It's great for leaving out on the table and chipping away at over a week or two.

Is there a game that pays real money? ›


Swagbucks is a popular web-based, and mobile app that will pay you money to complete a variety of different tasks, including taking surveys, searching the web, watching a video, playing free games, and many more. Swagbucks does have some good online games available directly on their platform.

Are maze puzzles good for your brain? ›

Mazes improve the cognitive skills of children. They work like brain boosting exercises. While solving them, it makes them think, reason and remember. Simultaneously achieving all of these, sharpens their memory, builds their focus and increases the concentration level of their minds to a great extent.


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